BUCs RANKING 2015/16

4th OUT OF 90

The Warwick Devils Gymnastics Squad is the newest squad on the team and the only gymnastics squad available at the University of Warwick. In just two years however, we have still managed to rank highly in BUCs.

Training sessions are held once a week in a nearby gymnastics centre, which provides a full sized sprung floor, several beams, vaulting equipment and bars. Parallel bars, the pommel horse and rings are also available for male gymnasts to utilise. 

The sessions are open to both complete beginners and experienced gymnasts, with the squad not requiring a tryout. It is entirely up to each gymnast to decide whether or not they would like to enter a competition and at which level they would like to compete.


Whatever decision you make, the Devils will be there to support you along the way! 

BUCs RANKING 2016/17

3rd OUT OF 40

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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