small stunts

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HEAD COACH - level 3

Gabi Akiiki


COACH -  level 4

The Devils usually have 3 small stunt squads competing nationally each year. These stunt groups are composed of 5 stunters: one flyer, 2 bases, one front and one back.


This small group performs a routine composed of purely stunting in the centre of the mat for a maximum of 1 minute 15 seconds. 

Female stunters who are not on Large Stunt are able to try out for All Girl Level 2. This is a stunt group made up of purely beginners, competing at USASF Level 2, with the hopes of building strong stunting skills for the future. 

Returners and invited cheer fresh are capable of trying out for our 2 small stunt teams which compete at higher levels. These levels will be decided at a later date, based on the ability of the team selected. 


Rachel Soulsby


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.