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It's Wednesday night....It's Disco Dave...and it's time for Pop!

If you're a returner reading this, those words will send shivers of excitement down your spine. And if you're a Fresher, get ready for that line to open some of the best nights of your life. 

Alike most sports clubs at Warwick, the Devils enjoy a good circle. And as the name suggests we all dress up in fancy dress (the theme is decided each week by our lovely social secs) and sit in a circle to play drinking games.


Both circle and Pop! are held in the Warwick SU Copper Rooms, and drinking is entirely optional....let's be honest we're all there for the fancy dress and 80's hits anyway.


So, if you can get your hands on a circling ticket in Term One (those things sell like hot cakes) please come and join the Devils! We promise that soon enough, the only thing driving you through a tough week will be Pop!

It's messy, It's amazing. It's tour. 

This year the Devils are stepping tour up a notch as we now have our very own Tour Secretary who will be arranging not one, but TWO tours! 

As per tradition one of these tours will be international, with the Devils most recently visiting Prague and Budapest. The club goes on tour during the Easter holidays, coupling sightseeing in the day time with fun filled nights out.

Domestic tour on the other hand, will be new to this year. As of yet we do not have a chosen location, but we are hoping for it to be held towards the start of Term 2. 

For many people, tour has been the highlight of their time in the Devils and is probably one of the team's strongest bonding experiences. So put down that meal deal and start saving.



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If you read through our Five Steps to Becoming a Devil page, you may have been mistaken in thinking that you're officially a Devil as soon as you start training. Well....we may have told a teensy white lie.


Cheer fresh must be adopted by their returner parents before they can call themselves a true Devil. * 

And this is where adoptions come in! Another amazing night organised by our incredible Social Sec duo where cheer fresh must complete challenges set by their 'parents', before ending the night with probably the largest Circle of the year. Families of Cheer Fresh and their parents are pitted against each other, and you leave feeling like a close-knit team.


*The Devils would like to stress that adoptions are of course optional, and whether you choose to attend or not, you will always be accepted by the team <3

Unlike many other Sports Clubs at Warwick, the Devils make a conscious effort to organise as many sober socials as we can physically fit into our already jam-packed calendar! 

These socials have previously included squad meals, the annual Christmas meeting and party, trips to the local trampoline park, movie nights and Laser Tag! 

All these events have been equally if not more enjoyable than some of our other events, and have left lasting memories many will treasure. 


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The Devils are very lucky to have a close association with the Warwick Wolves (American Football Society) and take part in a number of joint socials. 

The annual Wolves and Devils bar crawl is always a highlight of the year, along with the Charity auction we co-host. 

This year we hope to make that bond even stronger by attending matches to sideline cheer, as well as bringing back the tradition of the Devils attending the Wolves' Thanksgiving dinner!